1. Is tandem skydiving safe?
Yes, tandem skydiving is safe. The tandem parachute rigs are equiped with main and reserve parachute, as well as an automatic activation device, the CYPRES 2 which deploys the reserve parachute at certain alltituted should your instructor for some unforseen reason fail to do so.

2. What height will I jump from??
The standard skydiving altitude is 2.500 m, but sometimes even higher, up to 4.000 m - depending on the type of aircraft available. The parachute is deployed at 1.500 m.

3. How long is the freefall?
Freefall depands on the altitude of the exit
2.500 m -> 25 seconds of freefall
3.000 m -> 35 seconds of freefall
3.500 m -> 45 seconds of freefall
4.000 m -> 55 seconds of freefall.

4. How long is the canopy ride to the ground?
The instructor deploys the parachute at 1.500 meters. The freefall last approx. 25 seconds plus 5 till 8 minutes descending under the parachute. How long will the parachute ride last depends a bit on dynamics and your preferences; whether you like fast ride or more relaxed so you get to enjoy in the panorama view.

5. What clothing should I wear?
You should wear something casual: something you would normally wear for excercise. During winter months we recommend you wear layers as it might get quite cold high up in the air, while during summer, shorts and short sleeves shirts will do.
The only thing that is important is that you wear confortable laced shoes that will not fall off during the jump. (no flip flops, open toe shoes or sandals).
You will get customized jumpsuit, helmet, goggles and harness for the jump.

6. How can I make reservation?
You should book tandem jump at least few days in advance to make sure we reserve time for you. You can make reservation via our contact application, e-mail, facebook or phone.
We will get back to you to arrange the time and locations for your tandem jump and answer any additional questions you may have.

7. Where is tandem skydiving organized?
We usually  organize jumps at sports airfields; Medulin, Losinj, Vrsar and upon requests, if appropriate for us, we can arrange it at other locations: Krk, Otočac, Sinj, Hvar, Brač, Unije, Portorož, Lučko, Osijek, Vukovar...

8. Can I breathe during freefall?
Yes, you can breathe and scream as well J

9. Is there an age limit?
You must be 14 years old.
If you are between 14 and 18 years old you can still jump but with a written consent from one of your parents or guardians.

10. Is there a weight limit?
You should be under 105 kg.

11. If I have a medical condition, wear lenses or glasses, can I still jump?
If you have a medical condition, consult your doctor first.
Lenses and glasses are no problem as you will get goggles on top of  it to protect them from faling out/displacing.